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    Yunus was a teenage boy living with his family. He was going to high school in Ereğli. He was happy with his family. He used to work every summer. He thought that he had to make money for his education. He had made a decision that he would work at his grandfather’s market and bakery as he did last years.He had thought of taking a new bicycle. Finally his school was over. He went to his grandfather’s house for work. He was just a worker while staying in this house.

    His days were rarely different. He used to get up 5 a.m. and he used to have breakfast. He left the house at 5:30 a.m. Since, some costumers come early to take hot bread. When he finished selling breads, he locked the door. He came to pay the bill with his elder uncle. After that, He had one hour for dinner. He had made his dinner about 18:30 p.m. He could not visit anywhere in this time. He used to gobble back of the market or go to the house for his dinner. He was continuing to his work 6:00 p.m. - 23:00p.m. He could not join any kind of social activity.

    He had some friends from bakery. But they both wandered with their bicycle . He could not join them. in addition, there were a number of dogs biting and assaulting people. Yunus hated all of the dogs and cats. He did not have anytime to do something such as picnic, football and basketball. it had been 30 days since he had come here. He was still alone. He was trapped among house and works. if he had opposed to anything, he has lost his job. He could not get bicycle which he imagined. He could not explain to anyone his loneliness. One fine day, Nadir who one of the Yunus’s best friends had brought invitation card of Nadir’s elder brother’s wedding card. When He saw the Nadir, he started crying. Nadir was shocked why he did such a crazy behaviour. He had talked him about his loneliness for 2 months. Nadir had tried to console him. But he could not. Finally, Yunus stopped crying. Yunus said to him ‘i can not go to the wedding, because i will work between 6:00- 23:00.’ Nadir promised him to persuade his grandfather to go to wedding. And Nadir achieved to allow for Yunus. He started to wait for wedding day impatiently.

    The wedding day had come round at last. He is the first one coming the wedding. He had not forgotten to bring gift. He was excited to know new people from family. Afternoon, quest had started to come gradually. Nadir’s family had decided to do the wedding in their house and garden. As long as quests came, they were having the quests sit available chair. Yunus wanted them to help, too. They become five boys together with Yunus serving quest. These are He recognised there some new relatives he had never seen before. They were preparing the dining table for quest. On the other hand, music had started. Someone was listening to music. Someone was talking about their daily problem each other. Someone was getting rid of a desire by playing together music on the stage. They had decided to drink beer after everyone went their home. The first day of wedding had finished. Everyone had gone their house. There were 8 people in the house except this young group. They cleaned garden and the front of the house. They had finished cleaning. They went to backside of the house to drink beer. And then, they came in the house. They would sleep in the same room. They were talking their personal stories. Finally, everyone stopped talking at 1:14 a.m. they had just slept that, suddenly his grandmother came by crying. She said to them ‘Hurry up, your grandfather is faint.’ They all ran to the other house. When they saw him, he could not notice each other. He was just saying ‘Allah….’ They embraced him to take hospital. When they came out of the house, there was calmness between them. No one dared to enter the car to embrace grandfather except Yunus. He came in the car. And he kept the grandfather’s head. While they were going hospital, he told ‘Eşhedü ella ilahe illallah ve eşhedü enne Muhammeden abduhu ve rasuluhu.’ three times. They hope that he would live. No one had lost their expectation from the God. They brought him to hospital. About one hour later, doctor appeared the front of the hospital. He said ‘Grandfather died. We could not save him.’ Everyone was disappointed. How were they going to explain bridegroom this situation. They got the corpse to bring home. in home, everyone was shocked. Everyone was crying. At last, Yunus was worn-out from crying. And he went to sleep in the furniture. When he got up in the morning, He looked around him. Because there were lots of people talking how grandfather had died. He asked one of them whether he had been buried or not. Unfortunately he had been buried. No one had wakened him up for funeral.

    Nadir’s family decided to bring bride in spite of everything, because bridegroom was working in Antalya. After bringing the bride, everything was over. Yunus had to go to the work instead of bringing the bride. After He had said to Nadir’s grandmother and family ‘May your life be spared.’ he left the house. He returned bakery. He was annoyed because of grandfather's death. He could not concentrate on anything. After finishing all breads, he went to market. They finished paying the bill with his uncle. His uncle had realised that he was preoccupied. Uncle wanted him to sleep well for tonight. He allowed just sleeping early, after making dinner.

    Yunus had gone to the house. There is not any person in the house, since they went to funeral house. And he went to track to sleep. When he was in the track, he had dream. He had seen the grandfather. He was smiling in happiness. He was saying just Yunus, Yunus. When he woke up, he was full of anxiety. He just heard continuous splash, and he was thinking this splash came from the store of the truck. He ran away from the car. When he reached house of neighbour, he told them about this splash, and he wanted them to help him. They are all came truck. When they approached the front of the truck, they were laughing. Because disinfectant motor had been full of water, and store of motor was overflowing extra water. Yunus had had such kind of devil dreams. But he did not tell anyone else.